Publically-Funded Long Term Care Programs

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The Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) shall assure that individuals who contact or are referred to the ADRC and appear to need or be eligible to receive publicly funded long-term care services are informed about these services and are referred to the agency responsible for determining the individual's eligibility to receive these benefits.  The ADRC shall have a process in place to assure efficient and timely access to public long-term benefits.  The goal is for people to have access to the long-term care programs and services they need and are eligible to receive.

Family Care and IRIS

Family Care and IRIS are publicly funded long-term care programs designed to keep individuals out of nursing homes or other institutions. These programs fund services to keep an individual independent in the community.  A person must meet a target group in order to qualify.  The target groups that Family Care and IRIS serve are adults with :  developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, or the frail elderly. Once a target group is identified, there are two areas of eligibility:  functional and financial.  Individuals must be both financially and functionally eligible to receive these services.  Contact the ADRC for more information about Family Care and IRIS.

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