Sanitary Ordinance - Chapter 70


The Planning & Conservation Department administers the Sanitary Ordinance (Chapter 70) of the Sheboygan County Code of Ordinances.  If you are inexperienced in sanitary regulations, prior to submitting documentation regarding sanitary systems, it is suggested you contact the Department at 920-459-3060.  Click here for POWTS Maintenance recording.

Sanitary Documents

County Sanitary Permit Application (Reconnects & Misc Repair)Sanitary-Septic Graphic

State Sanitary Permit Application (New & Replacement Systems & Other Misc Repair)

Holding Tank Servicing Contract (Residential Only)

Holding Tank Servicing Contract (Commercial Only)

Proposed Construction for Properties Served by Existing Septic Systems

Septic System Abandonment Permit Application

Contractor List (Listed here as a courtesy only, this may or may not be a complete listing)

Other Sanitary Information

Sheboygan County Sanitary/Septic Inspection Information

Care & Maintenance of Your System

Available Economic Assistance